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My Family is God's Family

     Have you ever wondered about the reasons we dedicate our lives and families to God? The main thing is that it is about commitment. Wow! The "C" word... Commitment means something to us. It holds a value that is related to our character as an individual. If you make a commitment and fail to follow through with it, there is a feeling of disappointment that can arise or even worse, guilt. When you follow through with a commitment, though, you feel a sense of accomplishment because you stayed true to your word. 

     So, how does this relate to family and God? Committing or dedicating a family to God is a bold declaration that He is in control and will be the guiding force of the home. When this pact of faith is made with God we can be confident that He will stand by His part of the bargain. Our job then becomes follow through, also known as obedience. God never wants to make us feel guilty. He will always guide us toward repentance if we do wrong and obedience as the next step. 

Recommended Reading: Philemon 1:12, Romans 8:1, 1 Samuel 1


Written by Catherine Rudolph — May 01, 2012


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