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This week for Campmeeting, Pastor Hallam is releasing 5 new messages! You will want to add these to your list of ministry material. The first one is entitled "Developing A Healthy Family." It teaches the steps needed in every home to become successful in this day and time. Healthy families are strong spiritually, mentally and physically. They are equipped to take on every stage of life and come out victoriously. This message will give insights from the Scriptures on how to build a strong, healthy family. 

The second is called "Overcoming Negativity." Have you ever noticed that we live in a world that leans toward the negative instead of the positive? As Christians, we can change that atmosphere by speaking faith and trusting God to work in our lives. Negativity can paralyze your forward motion, but faith in God will overcome that spirit and launch you into tomorrow with a joyful heart. You'll want to listen to this message over and over again because it will set you up for greatness. 

The third release, "Renewing Your Mind," is in high demand. The truths that are taught from the Word of God about how to cast down problematic memories and resurrect Godly ones is applicable for every person. No one is unique to struggling with internal issues. They may be past, present or concerns for the future. When the mind is renewed all of those challenges begin to become very dim in the light of the God's Word. It is so necessary to have a renewed mind so a renewed future is what we are pursuing. 

Fourthly is "God's Recompense For The Afflictions Of Life." The enemy always attempts to play an unfair game, but God will give us the victory regardless of the enemies attacks when we remained focused on Him. The key is to trust in God and keep our eyes fixed on Him and His promises. The afflictions of life will have no control when the power of God is activated toward them.

The final single being released this week at Campmeeting is "Covenant With God." Just the title alone makes it one to get! The story of David's Mighty Men is used in this teaching to give examples of people who qualified themselves through training and entered into Godly covenants that brought extreme triumphs. Relationship with God adds so much to the human life that we cannot afford to live without it. 

These 5 messages will help you to continue living a strong life of faith. You can even get one as a gift to a friend! As you enjoy each different teaching just remember that God is increasing your life and better equipping you to live for Him.

Written by Catherine Rudolph — November 02, 2012


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