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Pastor Hallam has continued a teaching on the power of commitment, even after Vision Week wrapped up. If you were not able to be around for Vision Week, be sure to get the CDs or classes that are available in the bookstore. Anyway, these teachings have been so anointed, and they are crucial for every Believer to understand. So many times we are swayed by options instead of remaining committed to the House of God and our Godly relationships. It takes a solid Christian to recognize this action and make the necessary adjustments. 

Here's the great thing - when you do make that adjustment and recommit to the Kingdom, great things start to happen for you! In 2 Samuel 23 there is a story of David's Mighty Men. It talks about the 3 captains over his men and how they made each other and David look good, supported one another at all costs and remained committed to their cause. In other words, they had a plain vision and took it very seriously. Here are the 3 leaders and the meanings of their names: 

  1. Adino - ornament
  2. Eleazar - God is my helper
  3. Shammah - fame

As you read about these men and their amazing accomplishments, you will understand why David selected them to be his leaders. They were outstanding warriors, and they always finished what they started. The meanings of their names seem a little humble to be attached to men who fought so long that their hand was formed to the sword's handle and who's battle was defending a pea patch so the enemy could not overtake their supplies (it's the little things that matter). Because of their loyalty to David and to the cause of their vision as a whole, their names take on powerful meaning. Adino made David and everyone else look good because of his skill as a warrior. As Christians, what we do in faith should make the Kingdom of God shine. Eleazar understood that no matter how accomplished he was as an individual, it was always God who helped him. Humility will take to places you can get to no other way. God's promotion is always the greatest promotion. Finally, there is Shammah, whose name means "fame." His abilities made him famous, God famous, David famous, he was famous among his enemies and his victory is being recounted generations later. God knows how to make a name for Himself and for you so He will be glorified for years to come. 

When it comes to commitment, let's make a decision to remain humble, make others look good and then God will promote us. This applies to marriage, work, school and church. I encourage you to read this story in 2 Samuel 23 and allow God to speak to you about commitment. If you read with a heart of expectation, you will find tokens of truth in the Bible that will inspire and strengthen your walk with the Lord.

Written by Catherine Rudolph — September 21, 2012


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