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Desire is the force that pushes you to succeed. True drive will not allow you to stop until you reach the goal that's ahead. Desire is forward facing and moving. When this element is at work in your life, you will pursue past all obstacles until you see victory.

Pastor Hallam put it like this in a recent sermon:
Admire vs. Desire
"Desire drives your life and is the proof of pursuit. You can admire some things, but desire what God has for you."

I love this saying because so many times we can confuse the two. This clearly defines the difference between admiring something and desiring something. Admiration is liking something from a distance and knowing that it belongs to someone else. Desire is something that is yours or will be yours, and you pursue it.

What are you pursuing? Is it from God? Stay in the Word, and He will give you that clear distinction.

Written by Catherine Rudolph — November 01, 2014


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