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Admire vs. Desire

Desire is the force that pushes you to succeed. True drive will not allow you to stop until you reach the goal that's ahead. Desire is forward facing and moving. When this element is at work in your life, you will pursue past all obstacles until you see victory.

Pastor Hallam put it like this in a recent sermon:
Admire vs. Desire
"Desire drives your life and is the proof of pursuit. You can admire some things, but desire what God has for you."

I love this saying because so many times we can confuse the two. This clearly defines the difference between admiring something and desiring something. Admiration is liking something from a distance and knowing that it belongs to someone else. Desire is something that is yours or will be yours, and you pursue it.

What are you pursuing? Is it from God? Stay in the Word, and He will give you that clear distinction.

Written by Catherine Rudolph — November 01, 2014


Where is your focus? It's easy to say that you want something or you're reaching for a goal, but the proof of that focus is your pursuit of it. Stretch yourself, reach for what is ahead - in other words, go get it!

People in the Bible who pursued in faith came out as winners. We all want to be winners, so let's follow the examples in the Word to become champions. For example, David believed so strongly in "the cause" that he went after a giant! His focus and pursuit combined resulted in overcoming a huge challenge. Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego pursued God in their worship and commitment and even when thrown into the fiery furnace they came out unharmed.

Keep going after God, and you'll find out that He will back you up every time.

Written by Catherine Rudolph — November 01, 2014

There Comes A Moment

         Jesus has paid such a great price for all of humanity to live in freedom! When reading and studying the Word of God, one can begin to unlock the keys to receiving the divine promises that are avaialble to Believers. Pastor Hallam has been teaching on an amazing scripture out of the book of Ezra. Often times, this book is overlooked, but after reading this passage it appears that it should be a more common reading. Chapter 9 and verse 8 have a powerful statement about the price paid at Calvary, and the benefit we have when we receive it.

         As you read this verse below, here are a few things to remember:

  • Jesus has paid the ultimate price for our salvation
  • There is always a way of escape in Christ
  • The grace of God is available to His children
  • Jesus has "sealed our fate" and provided answers for us
  • He will give us vision and direction
Ezra 9:8  And now for a little space grace hath been shewed from the LORD our God, to leave us a remnant to escape, and to give us a nail in his holy place, that our God may lighten our eyes, and give us a little reviving in our bondage.


(The CD and audio download of this message There Comes A Moment is availble for purchase)

Written by Catherine Rudolph — March 07, 2013

New Messages from Pastor Walter Hallam

This week for Campmeeting, Pastor Hallam is releasing 5 new messages! You will want to add these to your list of ministry material. The first one is entitled "Developing A Healthy Family." It teaches the steps needed in every home to become successful in this day and time. Healthy families are strong spiritually, mentally and physically. They are equipped to take on every stage of life and come out victoriously. This message will give insights from the Scriptures on how to build a strong, healthy family. 

The second is called "Overcoming Negativity." Have you ever noticed that we live in a world that leans toward the negative instead of the positive? As Christians, we can change that atmosphere by speaking faith and trusting God to work in our lives. Negativity can paralyze your forward motion, but faith in God will overcome that spirit and launch you into tomorrow with a joyful heart. You'll want to listen to this message over and over again because it will set you up for greatness. 

The third release, "Renewing Your Mind," is in high demand. The truths that are taught from the Word of God about how to cast down problematic memories and resurrect Godly ones is applicable for every person. No one is unique to struggling with internal issues. They may be past, present or concerns for the future. When the mind is renewed all of those challenges begin to become very dim in the light of the God's Word. It is so necessary to have a renewed mind so a renewed future is what we are pursuing. 

Fourthly is "God's Recompense For The Afflictions Of Life." The enemy always attempts to play an unfair game, but God will give us the victory regardless of the enemies attacks when we remained focused on Him. The key is to trust in God and keep our eyes fixed on Him and His promises. The afflictions of life will have no control when the power of God is activated toward them.

The final single being released this week at Campmeeting is "Covenant With God." Just the title alone makes it one to get! The story of David's Mighty Men is used in this teaching to give examples of people who qualified themselves through training and entered into Godly covenants that brought extreme triumphs. Relationship with God adds so much to the human life that we cannot afford to live without it. 

These 5 messages will help you to continue living a strong life of faith. You can even get one as a gift to a friend! As you enjoy each different teaching just remember that God is increasing your life and better equipping you to live for Him.

Written by Catherine Rudolph — November 02, 2012

You Look Good When God Promotes You

Pastor Hallam has continued a teaching on the power of commitment, even after Vision Week wrapped up. If you were not able to be around for Vision Week, be sure to get the CDs or classes that are available in the bookstore. Anyway, these teachings have been so anointed, and they are crucial for every Believer to understand. So many times we are swayed by options instead of remaining committed to the House of God and our Godly relationships. It takes a solid Christian to recognize this action and make the necessary adjustments. 

Here's the great thing - when you do make that adjustment and recommit to the Kingdom, great things start to happen for you! In 2 Samuel 23 there is a story of David's Mighty Men. It talks about the 3 captains over his men and how they made each other and David look good, supported one another at all costs and remained committed to their cause. In other words, they had a plain vision and took it very seriously. Here are the 3 leaders and the meanings of their names: 

  1. Adino - ornament
  2. Eleazar - God is my helper
  3. Shammah - fame

As you read about these men and their amazing accomplishments, you will understand why David selected them to be his leaders. They were outstanding warriors, and they always finished what they started. The meanings of their names seem a little humble to be attached to men who fought so long that their hand was formed to the sword's handle and who's battle was defending a pea patch so the enemy could not overtake their supplies (it's the little things that matter). Because of their loyalty to David and to the cause of their vision as a whole, their names take on powerful meaning. Adino made David and everyone else look good because of his skill as a warrior. As Christians, what we do in faith should make the Kingdom of God shine. Eleazar understood that no matter how accomplished he was as an individual, it was always God who helped him. Humility will take to places you can get to no other way. God's promotion is always the greatest promotion. Finally, there is Shammah, whose name means "fame." His abilities made him famous, God famous, David famous, he was famous among his enemies and his victory is being recounted generations later. God knows how to make a name for Himself and for you so He will be glorified for years to come. 

When it comes to commitment, let's make a decision to remain humble, make others look good and then God will promote us. This applies to marriage, work, school and church. I encourage you to read this story in 2 Samuel 23 and allow God to speak to you about commitment. If you read with a heart of expectation, you will find tokens of truth in the Bible that will inspire and strengthen your walk with the Lord.

Written by Catherine Rudolph — September 21, 2012

Loosed by Jesus

Acts 22:30

On the morrow, because he would have known the certainty whererfore he was accused of the Jews, he loosed him from his bands, and commanded the chief priests and all their council to appear and brought Paul down and set him before them.

            We have such a great opportunity to live full lives as children of God. They can be full of faith, love, provision, health, joy and every other good thing God has for us. It is the devil that ties people up and deceives them so they cannot receive from God. Jesus is the one that looses us from the ties the devil puts around us!

            In Acts 22:28-30, the Bible uses the word “loose.” It means to be untied from something binding. Anytime the devil tries to bind people up with issues: grief, condemnation, pain, struggles – God will deliver them. How can a person be set free or loosed by God? That kind of freedom comes through faith. When faith gets into a person’s heart, they are about to get freed from issues. There are many examples in the Bible of how Jesus loosed individuals. The woman with the issue of blood was loosed or untied from a string of problems. He made that woman whole meaning she was healed physically and emotionally, restored financially and restored in lifestyle altogether. What an awesome God we serve.

            There was another individual who was bound by demons, but his worship toward Jesus was louder than the cry of the spirits that had overtaken him. When he came in faith knowing that Jesus could loose his life, he was untied and made free. The wonderful part about these two accounts is that God is no respecter of persons, and He has not lost the recipe for deliverance. Faith toward God will still untie all of mankind’s issues and cause them to walk in liberty. Galatians 5:1 says, “Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free…” If God has given us freedom, let’s reach out and receive it by faith.  Let God loose your life!

Written by Catherine Rudolph — September 13, 2012

The Resurrected Family

The Resurrected Family

Every family has special, unique qualities that are God-given. He created the family unit and did it with original characteristics just like He created individuals with special qualities. In order to access all of the good things God has designed for our families, we must practice Godly principles in our homes. When these principles are put to use in faith, the sky is the limit to what we can accomplish.

Here are 5 tips to help guide you toward a Resurrected Family or one that is full of life!

1.     Let go of all selfish ambitions and pursue the interests of others

2.     Keep the lines of communication open at all times

3.     Refuse to be angry

4.     Get better instead of bitter when issues arise

5.     Stay energetic instead of lazy

Let’s endeavor to keep our families full of life and pursuing the greatness God has for them.

Reading Recommendation: John 2:1-11

Written by Catherine Rudolph — April 03, 2012


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